An Overview of the School

St. Francis Catholic Secondary School is a catholic secondary school. This implies that, apart from the cutting-edge catholic education, the school upholds the catholic lifestyle and moral standards.

Here you are at home with those values associated with the erstwhile missionary schools that make them endearing and builders of character. St. Francis gives you the uniqueness of catholic education at the very best.

Besides, St. Francis Catholic Secondary School is not an exclusive faith-based school where people of other Christian religious denominations or religious affiliations are unwelcomed or estranged. It is a home for all. Interestingly, the land on which the school sits was donated to the Catholic Church by a Muslim family. The mutual co-existence of religious groups in the school has made the school a community where the synergy of our uniqueness has become our strength.

More to this is that St. Francis Catholic Secondary School is under the keen management and control of the members of a male Catholic religious group called the Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits. Jesuit is synonymous with academic excellence worldwide.

The Jesuits run some of the world best secondary schools and universities. The type of education the Jesuits provide is a "value-oriented education that encourages a realistic knowledge, love and acceptance of self." It is an educational paradigm that ensures the formation in values and attitudes that enables one to overcome deep-seated selfishness and elicits a concern for others. 

Nothing can be as luring as the greenly and florally-induced compound of the school. St. Francis is where the beauty of nature's gift of plants and flowers make the rigor of hard-work and academic discipline tolerable. The magnitude of care shown to the plants, flowers and grass in the compound is an expression of the importance the school attaches to each member of the community.

Cura personalis (concern for the individual person), a basic characteristic in Jesuit education, invites us to pay careful attention to the uniqueness of each member of our community.                                                          

First batch admission list for 2015/2016 academic session is now out!!!